Binaa Al Bahrain

Mohamed Alabbar Reveals New Information about Binaa Al Bahrain: $4 Billion Investment Unveiled

In a groundbreaking revelation, Mohamed Alabbar, Chairman of Eagle Hills International, has disclosed additional details about the Binaa Al Bahrain project, unveiling a staggering $4 billion investment. This comes as a result of a Joint Venture agreement signed by Eagle Hills International, an Abu Dhabi-based private real estate investment and development company, with strategic Bahraini partners.

Binaa Al Bahrain, the newly formed real estate development organization, is now set to become a paramount developer in the Kingdom, boasting an expanded portfolio of Prominent real estate projects strategically situated across various areas within Bahrain in the Muharraq, Southern, and Capital governorates and with key projects such as Southern City project, Al Furdah project, the next phase of Marassi Al Bahrain and further developments in Diyar Al Muharraq.

Commenting on this significant development, Mohamed Alabbar stated, “The decision to invest in Bahrain through the establishment of Binaa Al Bahrain is a direct result of the remarkable success achieved with the Marassi Al Bahrain partnership. It represents a milestone in our collaborative efforts and underlines our commitment to further strengthen ties between the two countries while propelling transformative real estate projects in the Kingdom."

Aligned with the Kingdom’s Economic Vision, Binaa Al Bahrain aims to contribute even more significantly to Bahrain’s long-term development through its iconic projects. The company will focus on creating expansive mixed-use projects, offering diverse residential, commercial, and entertainment opportunities designed to elevate the overall local community experience. And in addition to the increased investment, the Joint Venture aspires to create extensive job opportunities for young Bahrainis not only within the real estate sector but also in hospitality and healthcare.

With a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to delivering high-quality projects, Binaa Al Bahrain is now poised to transform the Kingdom’s real estate sector even further. The company will continue building innovative, sustainable developments that retain the Bahraini identity and foster growth and economic progress in the Kingdom.

Eagle Hills International, under the leadership of Mohamed Alabbar, continues to leverage its financial prowess, expertise, and extensive networks to lead the development of large-scale, master-planned communities. Currently spearheading transformative initiatives, including the Marassi Al Bahrain project in Diyar Al Muharraq, Eagle Hills remains committed to enhancing local economies and providing holistic living and working solutions across high-growth markets in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.